Shipping Terms

“Please note that our products can have longer than normal shipping times, often in the 2 to 6 weeks range- and sometimes slightly longer. This is a consequence of our business model to serve all ends of the world. Shipping time is then determined by where you reside versus where our current supplies for the items you order are located in the world at any given time. We aim to minimize this time by strategically stocking products, but alas we do not have the shipping capacity of giants like Amazon. If you are shopping with a tight deadline that is near, this probably is not the place to do it. Feel free to contact customer support before ordering if you would like a more accurate estimate of the shipping times of particular products to your area. Given that we aren’t often the fastest to ship, we compensate by rewarding our customers with lower prices and free shipping costs on qualifying orders. Additional goodies are in the works to further incentivize, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to find out first.”